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CNC Milled Parts
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CNC Milled Parts

You can rest assured to buy KwongTo CNC Milled Parts from our factory. CNC milled parts are precision-engineered components fabricated using computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines. These machines utilize rotating cutting tools to remove material from a workpiece, shaping it according to a programmed design. CNC milling is a versatile machining process capable of producing a wide range of parts with varying complexities and specifications.

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Product Description

You can rest assured to buy KwongTo CNC Milled Parts from our factory. CNC milled parts offer a cost-effective and reliable solution for producing high-quality components with precision and efficiency. By leveraging advanced CNC milling technology and expertise, manufacturers can achieve precise, reliable, and consistent results to meet the demands of modern manufacturing. Key features of CNC milled parts include:

Material Versatility: CNC milling can be performed on various materials, including metals (such as aluminum, steel, titanium), plastics (such as ABS, acrylic, nylon), and composites. This versatility allows for the fabrication of parts tailored to specific application requirements.

High Precision: CNC milling offers exceptional precision, allowing for tight tolerance control and consistent part dimensions. Advanced CNC milling machines equipped with multi-axis capabilities can achieve micron-level accuracy, ensuring parts meet stringent specifications.

Complex Geometries: CNC milling machines can create parts with intricate geometries and features. From simple shapes to complex contours and pockets, CNC milling enables the production of parts with precise details and fine finishes.

Customization: CNC milled parts can be customized to meet the unique requirements of each project. Whether it's prototyping, low-volume production, or high-volume manufacturing, CNC milling services can accommodate different batch sizes and design revisions.

Advantages of our CNC milling

1. Our CNC Milling Parts is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experienced professionals, ensuring top- notch precision and efficiency.

2. We offer custom solutions for a variety of industries, from prototyping to full-scale production runs.

4. Our customer service is unparalleled, providing expert guidance and support throughout the production process.

3. Our flexible services cater to each client's unique needs and requirements.

5. From small-scale prototyping to large-scale production runs, we offer flexible and customized solutions tailored to each client's specific requirements.


Available materials Steel types: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, 4140, 20#, 45#, 40Cr, 20Cr, etc.
Aluminum: AL6061, AL6063, AL6082, AL7075, AL5052, etc.
Stainless steel: 201SS, 301SS, 304SS, 316SS, etc.
Brass: C37700, C28000, C11000, C36000, etc.
Plastic: PTFE, PEEK, POM, PA, UHMW, nylon
Size Customize
Surface treatment Powder coating, electroplating, oxidation, anodizing
Technology Laser cutting, bending, welding, stamping
Processing Accept
Drawing format 3D/CAD/Dwg/IGS/STP
Color Customize
Application Appliances, Automotive, Construction, Capital Equipment, Energy, Instrumentation, Medical Devices, Telecommunications

Why choose us?

1. High precision

2. Durable materials

3. Stable quality

4. Customizable options

5. Fast turnaround time

6. Cost-effective pricing

7. Expert technical support

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